Golden British Shorthair Cattery

British shorthairs are easy to groom, as their fur does not tangle and should be combed very lightly. We breed british shorthair cats in golden and silver color.

Darikatjie, our British Shorthair black golden

Welcome to british dynasty cattery tica member, serving wa state since 2005.

Golden british shorthair cattery. At british shorthair kittens home,we breed british shorthair of silver and golden shaded colors with green and blue eyes. All kitten prices include spay/neuter. British shorthair is one of the most popular cat’s breed over the world.

We focus on solid color & bi color british shorthair, including blue, creme and solid white. Euro brits is a small cfa & tica registered british shorthair cattery. Purebred british shorthair cats and kittens in silver shaded, golden shaded, and chinchilla colors

2015 best blue silver lynx (tabby) point british shorthair of the year. General description of british shorthair cats. It is our big hobby and we give it a lot of love and passion.

Cattery in uk are the exclusive shell colours and the unique black nosed british shorthair & british longhair cats in the silver shaded & pointed lines, they have an. Our cattery doesn’t mass produce kittens. We are small home based cattery in ohio.

They are pure breed british shorthair kittens with shades of gold and silver. This is an extremely quiet, little talking cat breed. We are located in chicago, il.

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In british glory cattery we breed beautiful british shorthair kittens of chinchilla silver shaded and golden shaded colors with green and blue eyes We absolutely adore the gentle and graceful british shorthair cats and we want to spread the love. Exclusively to belle ayr ltd.

Welcome to our site of the beautiful british shorthair cats. Since 2017 we have started breeding odd eyes in our bi color brits and recently we have also added golden shaded in our breeding. They grow with our children.

British shorthair silver and golden shaded cats are absolutely stunning cats which impress with their beauty, elegance, luxurious look and exceptional manners. It is our big hobby and we give it a lot of love and passion. All of our cats are of the best european champion bloodlines.

Here in meadowpaws, we provide best quality british shorthair kittens in terms of breed standards, social behavior and health. Our cats are a part of our family. We chose to specialize in the golden, silver, cinnamon (very rare color), fawn, chocolate and lilac coat colors.

Our cattery is located in saskatchewan, canada and is called stylish cats. We breed british shorthair cats in exclusive golden blue, silver and golden chinchilla colors. The best quality kittens in terms of social behavior, breed standards and health for many years in golden and blue golden chinchillas!.

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The goal our britland cattery is to provide healthy, happy beautiful and highly social british shorthair as pets and show fellow feline lovers. And all this is for you in exciting miami! See our cattery listing on tica web site we locate in southern wa state.

We don’t have a mountain of cages with cats in the dark corner of the basement. We are breeding beautiful, high quality golden british shorthair kittens. Three of our cinnamon cats from germany carry a long hair genes so sometimes, a medium.

Cats from our cattery are from top european catteries with champion bloodline! We feed our cats only human grade food. Specialises in british shorthair & british longhair cats, we have the most delightful shimmer of chinchilla tipping & ticked kittens.

Our british shorthair kittens are social, confident, ready to love and be loved. Every day we enjoy life with our cats. We have successfully exhibited our cats in numerous exhibitions with getting awards and nominations.

We are cfa and tica registered cattery and we breed british shorthair kittens (bsh). Cats bring joy is a registered tica british shorthair breeder. We offer kittens for sale and adoption.

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They make ideal pets for less active people as well as for busy households. Welcome to a wonderful world of british shorthair cats. Our kittens are raised in the house with much love and attention.

The breeder of british shorthair cats and british longhair cats of silver shaded, golden shaded, and chinchilla colors with blue and green eyes. Our sister cattery, minuet kittens cattery, breeds minuet kittens (formerly napoleo If you too want to have a fluffy couch potato in your home.

Our cattery is located in washington state, usa Golden shaded and golden chinchilla, and point british shorthair cattery in california. 2 vet visits all vaccinations from vet.

Welcome to cinder belle british shorthair cattery! They also do very well with families with children. Britland is a relatively small, home based t.i.c.a registered british shorthair cattery.

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