Bad Cat Amps Vs Matchless

Einen mini cat ii (12 zoll speaker) hatte ich auch mal. The gain channel is nothing short of outstanding, as discussed above.

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Z z wreck, 3rd power dream 40 ac, bruno underground 30, and several others.

Bad cat amps vs matchless. I'm a huge sucker for that ac30 clean tone, specifically the ac30c2x (i know, i know, totally blasphemous). Manuals & charts shop online find a dealer. Before dropping the $ for one of these amps i'd definatly want to play them first.

Hard to make them sound bad! Den gebe ich nicht wieder her. The hot cats sparked my interest since they have a high gain od/dist.

Also, i like running the master wide open. The one i still have and regard as head and shoulders above any other amp i've owned is the black cat 30. I'm a very happy camper.

Early bad cats are built to those same standards, and i think the current ones are too. I have recorded 2 bad cat amps, a hot cat 30r, and a 15 watt. Founded in 1989, matchless amplifiers was born with a simple philosophy:

Matchless, bad cat, 65 amps discussion in 'amps and cabs' started by themusicboxstudios, mar 22, 2006. Listen to “days go by” by keith urban if you want to hear what i’m talking about. Among several such suspects are the blackstar artisan 30, matchless dc30/sc30/hc30, tophat king royale, bad cat black cat, divided by 13 rsa 31, morgan ac20/ac40, valvetech heyseed, dr.

Mark sampson started up matchless and started a joint project with the head of bad cat amps (actually helped design them). When mark sampson and the guy from bad cat disagreed on how the distortion channel should be voiced, he split to start up his own clean/distortion line called star amps. The hot cat has a wonderful clean channel that can be pushed into a great classic rockin overdrive.

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But yes, they are extremely expensive. Since we also play what we build, it is truly gratifying for the bad cat team to be a part of bringing each product to light. Matchless amps never changed their build quality, they are the best.

Bad cat's owner is a player and hangs out here quite often, and has a good rep for taking care of people. Overall, i still prefer the big block 50 and 100 watt bad cats over the smaller combos for headroom and versatility. I was jonesing for a matchless and got a goodsell super 17 for half the price.

Bad cat cub iii 15r 1×12 combo. Comparing it to the matchless, it is virtually identical (all were the original '4 input' models) except, to my ears the matchless was slightly more 'vintage' sounding while the bad cat had a little more 'hifi top end sparkle' if you can. There is no need for a standby switch on any tube guitar amp.

Another amp built for tele cleans is the vvt amps fralin model Wie die neue, kostengünstigere „player serie“ ist kann ich nicht beurteilen. Depends on if you want the versatility and el34 kerrang of the hot cat or.

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Both excell at what they do, and honestly are hard to beat. Lovely for all kinds of music, except anything really heavy. From my research it seems that the black cat has a tighter low end, a little smoother, and is a little more suited for higher gain sounds.

The matchless/bad cat amps are built to outlast cockroaches. I was curious what anyone thought about the comparison of these two amps? Get a head and cabinet so i could get diff.

The dealers who sell bad cat only says black cat is the best, and says that matchless don't sound the same as they used to. Build the best, most versatile amplifier possible. Also matchless vs bad cat say comparisons of the dc30 (or other models both companies do that are the same) thanks & look forward to the input.

Problem is that there aren't many dealers that carry these on a regular basis. A better comparison would be comparing hiwatt to harry joyce amps. So bad cat was started by a guy who hired mark sampson (the guy who designed the original matchless amps) to design some amps for them.

The new 65 amps stone pony is another very cool option. Page 1 of 2 1 2 next > mar 22, 2006 #1. Original matchless (sampson era) & current matchless amps ?

When i need to get that spongy tone, my bad cat lil’ 15 is usually the first place i start. Wally telefied ad free member. There is not enough voltage in these.

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To me, matchless just has not kept up, and i don't feel any effort being made to produce an amp that i can afford. The black cat 15 is an amp that i will probably own in the next year or two. The reputation matchless had dipped a bit after sampson moved on to bad cat, but has recovered, and i think they're making spectacular amps again.

Bad cat is a mixed bag imho. For fendery cleans the new 6l6 powered bad cat panther is getting alot of praise. Two amazing amps from bad cat that love teles more than anything else!

The dealers who sell matchless only says matchless amps are better now than ever and the production line is more consistent, meaning that all the new onces sound good but the old ones may vary.

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